Good photography

I don’t understand photography. Although I can recognize good photography (I know it when I see it), I have absolutely no idea how to produce it. I don’t know how to “line up a shot” (hell, I don’t even really understand what that phrase means), and I know less than nothing about how to work a “real” camera.

The same is not true for my good friend, Colin Bissessar. He is the photographer behind Changsha Notes, a blog focused on street photography. He lives in Changsha (长沙), Hunan, China. As anyone who has ever lived in Changsha can attest, the city is nothing special. It’s a normal Chinese city—overpopulated, drab, and grimy. Colin, however, is able to take the most marvelous shots you can imagine of this city. Through his lens, Changsha is transformed into a vibrant and truly beautiful place.

Up until recently, Colin’s blog was a well-kept secret, known only to a few of his close friends. Thankfully, he’s started to get some of the recognition his skill deserves. A few days ago, Freddy Robles, a street photographer in New York City, interviewed Colin about his photography. It’s a wonderful read. Check it out.