🇩🇪 I live and work in Berlin, Germany. I’ve been here for over six years, which is hard for me to believe. Currently, I’m an engineering manager at Microsoft To Do. My team builds and maintains the service behind Microsoft To Do and Exchange Tasks.

🇨🇳 Before coming to Germany, I lived in China for seven years. I split my time between Hunan and Yunnan provinces. I absolutely loved living there and miss all of the friends I made.

🇺🇸 I was born and raised in the United States. I spent nearly all of my childhood and adolescence in the great state of Wisconsin.

📖 I started my professional career as a teacher. I taught people of all ages—from elementary school children to college students. The way I treat people and how I work on, build, and lead teams were all shaped by my time as a teacher.

💻 I’ve been in the tech industry for 12 years. I started as an independent iPhone developer. Later, I moved to Berlin to join Wunderlist. I built Wunderlist 3 for Mac. Following that, I became the technical lead for Microsoft’s Sticky Notes experience on Apple devices.

👨‍💼 A couple of years ago, I moved into management at Microsoft—first for the Sticky Notes team and then for the To Do team. At Sticky Notes, I led a cross-platform team that built Android, iOS/macOS, and Web apps. After (re-)joining the To Do team, I became the manager of the service team responsible for Microsoft To Do’s backend and for Exchange Tasks. It’s been a huge honor to belong to these two great teams.