Text search library in Rust, day 2

I’ll try to write an ergonomic Rust API for the library, add a bunch of tests, and then start replacing the C implementation with a Rust one.

Sunstroke 1.6

I’m incredibly excited to announce the release of Sunstroke 1.6, which makes Sunstroke into the app I’ve always wanted it to be.

Chinese zoos

I’ve been to two zoos in China. They were terrible and depressing.

iOS Maps and China (redux)

Here are a couple more examples of the differences between Google Maps in iOS 5 and Apple’s iOS Maps in iOS 6.

Now that's professionalism

If you haven’t already, stop what you’re doing and go listen to Dan Benjamin’s ‘Regarding The Talk Show’.


Earlier today, we learned that John Gruber has decided to leave the 5by5 podcasting network to join the Mule Radio Syndicate.

The "no Internet" podcast

The way Josh and Nilay had to awkwardly accommodate Paul Miller’s decision to forgo the Internet for a full year was painful to listen to.


This is all you need to see to be intrigued by RubyMotion.


Let’s see how this turns out.